Lip Augmentation and Rejuvenation Using a Novel, Porcine Collagen-Derived Filler

March 2008 | Volume 7 | Issue 3 | Original Article | 236 | Copyright © March 2008

Marina Landau MD

Proportionally projecting feminine lips are considered attractive sexually. With aging, predictable changes occur in the lips, which often prompt women to seek lip rejuvenation for enhancement. Although there is an ever-expanding list of products for lip augmentation, very little technical information and guidelines for correct enhancement are available in the dermatological literature. This review provides clinical guidelines for a systematic approach to lip augmentation and rejuvenation, and documents clinical experience with Evolence® Breeze™, a novel, porcine collagen-derived dermal filler. Before undertaking such procedures, thorough lip assessments and clearly defined treatment objectives are needed. Fifteen women, ages 42 to 61 years, underwent procedures using Evolence Breeze; 6 required augmentation and 9 required rejuvenation. Only minimal swelling was noted immediately after lip injection. At 3 months, results were rated as “very good” by 8 patients (53%), “good” by 5 (33%), and “satisfactory” by 2 (13%). At 6 months, all had ongoing results.