JDD: Celebrating 10 Years of Publishing Excellence

December 2012 | Volume 11 | Issue 12 | Editorials | 1398 | Copyright © December 2012

Ronald L. Moy MD

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Dr. Ronald L. Moy is a leading cosmetic and dermatologic surgeon practicing in Los Angeles, California. He is board certified in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, and specializes in Mohs micrographic and facial cosmetic surgery. Dr. Moy is nationally renowned for his work and has been elected to the Board of Directors of more than five national organizations and is Past President of the American Academy of Dermatology.
JDD: How have you seen JDD grow over the past decade? Do you feel that the articles in the Journal have improved? Have you seen an increase in the quality of articles over the years?
Dr. Moy: As past Editor in Chief of Dermatologic Surgery, I followed Dr. Robins. When I first heard about the JDD and that Dr. Robins was the head, I knew it would be outstanding. But, I never thought it would grow so fast nor have such a high impact factor. Most clinicians I know keep it on their desk.
JDD: What do you think of the role of JDD within the realm of dermatological literature—does it fill a gap?
Dr. Moy: The JDD's emphasis has been on the many changes going on in our field, like topical drugs, new therapies and treatments, and new technologies especially. The JDD's ability to be focused on the dermatologist in practice, and focused on new treatments, guarantees it will always be outstanding. It has created a niche that will be there forever.
JDD: Do you feel that JDD has been beneficial in your practice and how so?
Dr. Moy: Most journals are written for the academician. The JDD is not focused on jargon and terminology, it is written for the practicing dermatologist with an aim toward helping us treat our patients. It has a bent toward the clinical side that translates into a practical tool for the clinician. It fills a niche that the other leading journals really don't fulfill.
JDD: Do you feel that the distribution of eJDD to 23,000 dermatologists around the world is a good initiative?
Dr. Moy: I think the JDD unifies dermatology. As President of the American Academy of Dermatology, I spent two-thirds of the year traveling all parts of the world, meeting all kinds of dermatologists. One thing everyone talks about is the JDD. Everyone reads this. Everyone gets this. The JDD unifies the field in this way. Whether you go to a meeting in China, Spain, Canada, or Germany, people are talking about the JDD.
JDD: What has been your favorite aspect of JDD and what do you like best?
Dr. Moy: I like reading the opinions of doctors that are not necessarily original research articles. Getting the opinions of the different experts in each field is very useful for the practicing physician. I like the editorial series such as this one, the feature editors, the guest editorials, and resident rounds, they are very useful for the practicing physician. We like reading articles, but it's also very useful for us to know the opinions of other doctors in the field.
JDD: What would you like to see more of in the journal?
Dr. Moy: Now that the JDD receives such a large number of manuscripts, I look forward to seeing more of an assortment of various topics included in the issues.
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