A Novel Multi-Targeting Approach to Treating Hair Loss, Using Standardized Nutraceuticals

November 2017 | Volume 16 | Issue 11 | Supplement Individual Articles | 141 | Copyright © November 2017

Patricia K. Farris MD,a Nicole Rogers MD,a Amy McMichael MD,b Sophia Kogan MDc

aTulane University, Metaire, LA bWake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC cNutraceutical Wellness Inc, New York, NY

Figure4for hair loss. She has expressed high level of satisfaction, no treatment side effects and plans to continue taking Nutrafol® as a preventative measure.Case 3A 37-year-old man with early male pattern hair loss, before and 5 months after daily Nutrafol® use (Figure 4). He has a strong family history of hair loss, and had previously tried minoxidil but ceased secondary to difficulty of use and cosmetic considerations. He did not want to start finasteride for fear of sexual side effects. He is satisfied with Nutrafol® effects on hair growth and shedding and plans to continue taking it indefinitely as a preventative with the prospect of adding PRP and LLLT therapy.Case 4A 38-year-old female with early diffuse thinning, predominantly in the temple area, before and after 3 months of daily Nutrafol use (Figure 5). She is healthy, with no medical issues and takes no medications. There is no family history of hair loss. The patient noticed thinning and increased shedding about 5 years prior and has taken biotin and other supplements in the past with no improvement. She reported several stressful life events and chronic stress during this time. She is satisfied with Nutrafol effects on hair growth, improvement in temple area coverage, as well as decreased shedding. She also reported improvement in experiential feelings of stress and anxiety. The patient had no treatment side effects and plans to continue therapy indefinitely.


Hair loss remains a challenge for patients and dermatologists alike. This multifaceted condition requires provider time, understanding and knowledge as there are multiple triggers and down-stream pathways involved in the pathogenesis. The use of botanicals and other natural ingredients appeals to patients who are looking for safe and effective treatments for hair loss. This article highlights some of the most important botanicals having pharmacologic effects that can mitigate triggers for hair loss and restore balance to the follicle. While there is no magic bullet or single natural ingredient to address all of the mechanisms at play in the multiple forms of clinical hair loss, by using the combination of bioactives described here, Nutrafol® offers a promising approach for hair loss patients.


Dr. Farris is an advisor for Nutrafol and Nutraceutical Wellness Inc. Dr. Rogers and Dr. McMichael have no conflicts.