An Expensive Filler: Where Was Dermatology?

September 2014 | Volume 13 | Issue 9 | Editorials | 1013 | Copyright © September 2014

Jesse D. Jensen DO and Wendy McFalda DO

McLaren Oakland Medical Center, Pontiac, MI

a risk when injecting near the glabella, nasal bridge, alar groove, and infraorbital area. Ischemic complications may result as exterior pressure is exerted on the arterial lumen or by means of intraarterial blockage itself. Secondary embolization to the ophthalmic vessels will produce visual sequelae. Efficacy and safety are improved by utilization of cannulas.


The utilization of healthcare dollars for this case was immense, and the investigation regarding her filler procedure was nil. Early diagnosis and treatment could have been instituted by emergent consultation with dermatology. Appropriate intervention could have been implemented. With healthcare dollars under public scrutiny, it’s important that we educate our non-dermatologist colleagues regarding our specialty to prevent unnecessary or inappropriate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


The authors have not disclosed any relevant conflict of interest.


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Jesse D. Jensen