Nevus Lipomatosus Cutaneous Superfi cialis of theGroin Arising in the Fifth Decade of Life

August 2008 | Volume 7 | Issue 8 | Case Reports | 787 | Copyright © August 2008

Mohammad Reza Namazi MD

Nevus lipomatosus cutaneous superfi cialis (NLCS) is a rare malformation characterized by ectopic adipose tissue in the dermis. The lesion is usually present from birth or noticed in the fi rst 2 decades of life. It occurs as sessile or pedunculated, domed nodular growths with a smooth, wrinkled, or cerebriform surface. Multiple lesions have a marked predilection for the gluteal region, lower back, and upper thigh, though solitary lesions may occur at unusual sites like the scalp, clitoris, and calf. An unusal case of NLCS is presented here where the solitary lesion occurred as a large exophytic growth arising at the groin in the fi fth decade of life.