Treatment of Hyperkeratosis With Kerafoam Emollient Foam (30% Urea) to Assess Effectiveness and Safety Within a Clinical Setting: A Case Study Report

February 2008 | Volume 7 | Issue 2 | Case Reports | 159 | Copyright © February 2008

Jay A. Goldstein MD, Ronald M. Gurge PhD

Ten patients enrolled in a single center, observational, prospective, open-label case study to assess the effectiveness and safety of a 28 day regimen with Kerafoam® 30% urea emollient foam for treatment of hyperkeratosis. Clinician assessments of skin condition were recorded at baseline, day 14, and day 28. In addition, patients’ ratings of the treatment impact on quality of life and skin condition, as well as overall satisfaction with the product were obtained. Key results demonstrated significant improvements in clinicians’ ratings of skin condition at the day 14 and day 28 visits compared to baseline and significant improvements in patients’ ratings of quality of life. No adverse events were reported and all patients completed the 28-day treatment regimen. Patient and clinician evaluations of the 30% urea emollient foam product were extremely favorable.