Clearance of Basal Cell and Superficial Squamous Cell Carcinomas After Imiqumod Therapy

May 2008 | Volume 7 | Issue 5 | Case Reports | 447 | Copyright © May 2008

Emily Warshauer, Bruce L. Warshauer MD

The short-term and long-term outcomes of 108 patients with 122 nodular basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), morpheaform BCCs, or low-risk squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) treated with imiquimod 5% cream at a community-based dermatology practice were retrospectively reviewed. The overall initial tumor clinical cure rate was 93.4% (114/122), with an initial clinical cure rate of 90% (72/80) for BCCs combined, and 100% (42/42) for SCCs combined. During a median follow-up time of 18 months, there was only 1 recurrence in the 114 tumors considered initially clinically cured. Imiquimod may be an appropriate initial treatment for these tumors in patients with good posttreatment follow-up.