JDD: Celebrating 10 Years of Publishing Excellence

May 2012 | Volume 11 | Issue 5 | Editorials | 569 | Copyright © May 2012

William Levis MD

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This month's celebration editorial features Dr. Bill Levis, Senior Editor of the JDD. Dr. Levis was a Senior Investigator for the National Cancer Institute for 11 years specializing in skin cancer and since 2001 has served as Attending Physician in the New York Hansen's Disease Program at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City. He also holds a lifetime appointment as Professor of Dermatology at Rockefeller University.
JDD: What do you think of the concept of JDD to the realm of dermatological literature?
Dr. Levis: It is a very important dermatology publication, especially to move new products. I think Dr. Robins has established an important niche, which will help the field of medical dermatology, which is shrinking due to lack of products. The cosmetic arena is expanding because they are getting devices and products. The botox, fillers, and devices in lasers are coming out in the cosmetics area, but we need more products in medical dermatology also, especially topically, which is my area of expertise.
JDD: What has been your favorite aspect of JDD?
Dr. Levis: The journal covers advances in the field very quickly, which is one of the best features. Also, the journal gives access to the residents and this is a wonderful thing because there is amazing new talent entering the field who are interested in working in this area.
JDD: How have you seen JDD grow over the past decade?
Dr. Levis: Yes, it has definitely grown. The quality is going up and part of it has to do with the energy of the talent pool we are getting behind the journal, including our own residents. The number of submissions is going up and the quality of the submissions has increased as well as the impact value of the articles.
JDD: Do you feel that JDD has been beneficial in your field and how so?
Dr. Levis: Yes, the JDD is beneficial to my practice also because it keeps me up with the latest advances in dermatopharmacology.
JDD: Do you feel that the distribution of eJDD to 50,000 dermatologists around the world is a good initiative?
Dr. Levis: Yes, the future of publishing is e-publishing and the JDD has been a leader in this area in the dermatologic arena.
JDD: What would you like to see more of in the JDD?
Dr. Levis: I would like to see more immunodermatology and part of my role with the journal is to expand this area. We have many interesting products coming up but its not enough. We need second- and third-line products, which are in the pipeline but have not gotten to the clinician yet. Aldara has opened a Pandora's box, but we need more and we need to start tapping into the dendritic cell network of the skin in immunology to learn more about the treatment of inflammatory disease and cancer through topical products. Picato (injenol mebutgate) is a very exciting new product from Leo Pharma that was launched at the AAD this year. The JDD is looking forward to publishing their new data in the journal.
William Levis MD
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