NEWS, VIEWS, AND REVIEWS: A Tool for My Laser Practice I Simply Can’t Do Without: Shining a Light on My Favorite Light (Source)

September 2017 | Volume 16 | Issue 9 | Features | 939 | Copyright © September 2017

Eric F. Bernstein MD MSE

Figure5Figure6Figure7biopsy or other interventions when using the Syris light to visualize lesions or conditions I am targeting with laser treatment, such as tattoos, PWSs, or unwanted hair, prior to laser treatment.In conclusion, the Syris v900L variably-polarizable headlamp is my most indispensable tool, and has been so for almost 2 decades, starting as the lovingly-named Seymour Light, and progressing to the serious-sounding v900L. The v900L is the newest iteration of the Syris light, and is a major advance in usability and convenience. It incorporates an LED light source and thus draws less power than standard halogen bulbs, enabling new and significantly more efficient batteries to power the v900L for an entire day without re-charging, even in my purely-laser practice. The lightweight battery pack goes unnoticedon a belt loop or in a pocket, and allows the user to go from patient to patient untethered. This is a major convenience, especially when performing laser surgery with the surrounding tethered foot pedals, power cords, and actual laser devices, which may become tangled with a headlamp that is connected to a transformer and plugged into an outlet. Future studies should focus on expanded use of the Syris v900L for increasing diagnostic accuracy when evaluating pigmented lesions or