NEWS, VIEWS, AND REVIEWS: A Tool for My Laser Practice I Simply Can’t Do Without: Shining a Light on My Favorite Light (Source)

September 2017 | Volume 16 | Issue 9 | Features | 939 | Copyright © September 2017

Eric F. Bernstein MD MSE

Figure1Figure2In 1999, Syris Scientifics’ engineering and manufacturing team evolved the Seymour Light technology and developed the v600 and the v300, which were lightweight vision-enhancement illuminators that are worn as a headlamp and attached to a power cord and transformer. These lights were sufficiently bright to enable visualization of pigmentation and vascularity through laser-protective eyewear, and have become a staple for busy laser surgeons around the world. This author exclusively uses the Syris lights to the exclusion of all others, and has a conference room filled with unused medical floor lamps.The most common use for the Syris light by dermatologic laser surgeons is in visualization of vascular lesions during laser treatment (Figure 3). However, the Syris light is an indispensable tool for visualizing any lesion being viewed by a dermatologist, or target of laser treatment. Freckles, lentigos,nevus of Ota/Ito, melasma, and any other pigmented epidermal or dermal lesions are extremely easily visualized, no matter what the overlying stratum corneum looks like (Figure 4). In addition, inflammatory conditions may be viewed for surface and sub-surface characteristics in real time with turn of the polarizer (Figure 5), potentially aiding in a diagnosis by immediately