Life of a Wound: Serial Documentation of Wound Healing After Shave Removal Using Reflectance Confocal Microscopy

May 2019 | Volume 18 | Issue 5 | Case Reports | 472 | Copyright © May 2019

Radhika Srivastava BA, a Catherine Reilly BS,a Gina Francisco MBS,a Hamza Bhatti DO,a Babar K. Rao MDa,b

aRutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Somerset, NJ bWeill Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY



The RCM images on day 1 show small bright cells and fibrillary structures that may correspond to neutrophils and exudate of the inflammatory phase. The RCM images on day 7 and 21 show an irregular honeycomb pattern and decrease in defect size, corresponding to re-epithelialization. The RCM image on day 21 shows multiple dilated vessels, corresponding to new vessel growth of the proliferative phase of wound healing. The RCM image on day 28 shows a regular honeycomb pattern and minimal small bright cells corresponding to resolving inflammation and the tissue remodeling phase of wound healing. RCM imag