ARTICLE: Anti-Aging and Collagen Supplementation Using a Nutraceutical Drink

January 2020 | Volume 19 | Issue 1 | Supplement Individual Articles | 3 | Copyright © January 2020

Published online December 23, 2019

Kathy L. Anderson DO FAOCD

Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology, Clearwater, FL Morton Plant Hospital, Clearwater, FL

wrinkles. Skinade works to increase skin health and hydration from within, stimulating the body to produce more collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to provide younger smoother looking skin within weeks.

Many patients who receive cosmetic treatments pay thousands of dollars to look younger and look healthy. They are receiving fillers, neurotoxin, CO2 resurfacing, IPL, micro sanding, thread lifts, etc. To each and every patient, I advise taking Skinade to help maintain and boost the treatments. In my opinion, Skinade should be part of the cosmetic treatment "package", to help patients look younger and to help maintain the treatments they have invested in.

Based on my experience and the experience of my patients, I strongly suggest adding Skinade to your aesthetic dermatology prac-tice and recommending the product to your patients.


Dr. Anderson has no affiliations with Skinade or any conflicts of interest regarding her experience with using this product. Dr. Anderson has received an honorarium from JDD for help with development of this supplement sponsored by Skinade.


Kathy L. Anderson DO FAOCD