The Effect of a Ceramide-Containing Product on Stratum Corneum Lipid Levels in Dry Legs

April 2020 | Volume 19 | Issue 4 | Original Article | 372 | Copyright © April 2020

Published online March 12, 2020

Zoe D. Draelos , Nada H. Baalbaki , Shelby Cook , Susana Raab , Gene Colón

aDermatology Consulting Services, PLLC bL'Oréal Research and Innovation, Clark NJ cL'Oréal USA, Inc. (CeraVe), New York, NY

Instrumental Results
Corneometry was used to assess skin water content. The water content of the skin increased after 3 days of study product use with a statistically significant 30.6% increase in the treated leg as compared to the control leg (P<.001). This improvement continued into week 4 with a 38% water content increase in the treated leg as compared to the untreated leg (P<.001). The increased water content was even maintained into the 48-hour regression phase where the skin had no moisturizer applied with a statistically significant 21.85% increase in water content comparing the treated to untreated leg (P<.01).

Investigator Results
Immediately after application, the blinded investigator assessed