Optimizing Patient Outcomes by Customizing Treatment With Microfocused Ultrasound With Visualization: Gold Standard Consensus Guidelines from an Expert Panel

May 2019 | Volume 18 | Issue 5 | Original Article | 426 | Copyright © May 2019

Sabrina G. Fabi MD,a John Joseph MD,b Julia Sevi MD,c Jeremy B. Green MD,d Jennifer Deaver Peterson MDe

aGoldman Fitzpatrick Butterwick Groff & Fabi, San Diego, CA bClinical Testing Center of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA cAesthetic Health, Leeds, UK dSkin Associates of South Florida, Coral Gables, FL eThe Pearl Dermatology, Houston, TX

Table 2

Absolute Contraindications

• Patients who are pregnant• Patients with permanent fillers in or adjacent to the treatment area, particularly silicone. Participants will treat over PLLA and calcium hydroxylapatite, depending on the timing and filler location.• Patients who demonstrate signs of body dysmorphic disorder.• Patients who refuse to allow pretreatment photos.• Patients predisposed to being dissatisfied with their treatment results based on a screening tool.Participants agreed that there was no age group in which MFU-V should be considered an absolute contraindication. All patientscan benefit from collagen stimulation, although older patients should be specifically counseled regarding the magnitude of resultsthey can expect.