Use of Apremilast for Aphthous Ulcers in a Patient With Behçet’s Syndrome

December 2018 | Volume 17 | Issue 12 | Features | 1328 | Copyright © December 2018

Arjun Saini MS, Cynthia Ferguson PA, Kimberly Salkey MD

Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA

suggest that apremilast could be useful for managing chronic inflammatory diseases. The complete elimination of oral ulcers in our patient demonstrates the ability of apremilast to be useful in helping to manage refractory cases of recurrent oral ulcers in Behçet’s syndrome. As with any agents that are immunomodulatory, the possible adverse effects of apremilast should be closely monitored and further studies would be needed to evaluate the long-term effects of continuous use of apremilast for Behçet’s syndrome. The successful treatment of refractory oral ulcers with apremilast may also help to shed some light on the pathogenesis of Behçet’s syndrome with further study.



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Arjun Saini MS