An Open Label Clinical Trial of a Peptide Treatment Serum and Supporting Regimen Designed to Improve the Appearance of Aging Facial Skin

September 2016 | Volume 15 | Issue 9 | Original Article | 1100 | Copyright © September 2016

Zoe Diana Draelos MD,a Tatiana Kononov BS MBA,b and Theresa Fox BSb

aDermatology Consulting Services, High Point, NC
bRevision Skincare, Irving, TX

table 7
and product attributes. The products were well tolerated with no adverse events. These results provide medical professionals with information that may benefit patients seeking treatment for expression line wrinkles and photodamaged facial skin.


The study was 100% sponsored by Revision Skincare. Dr. Draelos has no conflicts of interest to declare. Tatiana Kononov and Theresa Fox are employees of Revision Skincare.


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