Resident Rounds: Part 1 - Program Spotlight: University of Missouri Department of Dermatology

October 2015 | Volume 14 | Issue 10 | Features | 1163 | Copyright © October 2015

Lauren Snitzer MD, Nora K. Shumway MD, and Habibollah Alamdari MD

University of Missouri School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology, Columbia, MO

Resident Rounds is a section of the JDD dedicated to highlighting various dermatology departments with residency training programs. Resident Rounds includes 3 sections: (1) a program spotlight highlighting pertinent information about the department and residency training program; (2) a section presenting study materials used by residents at the program; and (3) a section designed to highlight recent interesting cases seen at the institution. This issue of Resident Rounds features the Department of Dermatology at University of Missouri. The editor of Resident Rounds is Dr. Ali Alikhan. If you are interested in highlighting your training program in a future issue, please contact Dr. Alikhan at
The dermatology residency program at University of Missouri was established in 1963 under the direction of Dr. Philip Anderson and has maintained an active, accredited residency program since 1967. Our residency program includes 9 trainees and we boast a 100% board certification pass rate. Our department is currently led by Dr. Karen Edison, chair, and Dr. Kari Martin, program director.
The department employs 9 full-time dermatology faculty including a dermatopathologist, a Mohs surgeon, and 2 pediatric dermatologists. We also offer a Mohs surgery fellowship with plans to establish a pediatric dermatology fellowship in the near future.
We provide dermatology care at five locations in the University of Missouri Health Care System as well as the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital. We lead the University and the VA in the use of technology through our teledermatology program, providing patient-centered care to rural, underserved areas of Missouri for over 20 years.
The primary goal of our Dermatology program is to provide excellent clinical training. Residents receive a comprehensive educational experience in clinical dermatology, dermatopathology and dermatologic surgery. Continuity clinic is a weekly half day for every resident beginning in the first weeks of residency. All residents have protected time to read and pursue scholarly activities. We have weekly dermatopathology unknown sessions, monthly journal club, and quarterly grand rounds. We host a quarterly meeting with local dermatologists to discuss difficult cases and participate in the annual Missouri Dermatological Society meeting. All second and third year residents attend the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting, and attendance and presentation of scholarly work at additional national meetings throughout the year is encouraged.
In keeping with our spirit of service to the community, our residents and faculty volunteer to staff a monthly free dermatology clinic organized by the medical students. This clinic serves as an opportunity to both provide vital dermatologic care to uninsured patients and provide dermatology exposure to our medical students.
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Our program aims to develop learning partnerships among the faculty, staff, residents, and students to create, disseminate and apply knowledge. With the recent celebration of our 50th anniversary, we continue to look to the future and strive for continued excellence in quality and quality improvement in dermatologic education and health care services.