Evaluation of a Novel Home Skin Care Platform

April 2015 | Volume 14 | Issue 4 | Original Article | 391 | Copyright © April 2015

Hilary C. Reich MD,a Irmina Wallander BA,b Lacie Schulte BA,b Hilary Frickman BA,b
and Suzanne Flickenger BA,b Brian Zelickson MDb

aUniversity of Minnesota Dermatology Department, Minneapolis, MN; bZel Skin and Laser Specialists, Edina, MN

The home beauty device market is rapidly growing, having more than tripled in the last four years. This study evaluates several specific attachment heads using a novel home skincare platform (HSP). By incorporating multiple treatment heads for cleansing, skin smoothing, and skin infusion, this device has the potential to address many potential treatment goals. The first subset of this study is a blinded, randomized split-face study evaluating the efficacy of the HSP device with a standard brush head for make-up removal and compares the HSP device to a currently marketed home cleansing device. The results show that the HSP cleansing head was comparable to the leading home skin cleansing device on the market. The HSP’s skin smoothing head showed statistically significant improvement in erythema and dryness over baseline levels with significant histologic changes including normalization of epidermal thickness in only 10 days of use. This is comparable to and exceeds many well-studied antiaging treatments after weeks and months of therapy. Finally, the infusion head demonstrated improvement in skin hydration over baseline levels.

J Drugs Dermatol. 2015;14(4):391-399.