Part III: Granulomatous Slack Skin in an Adolescent Girl

February 2015 | Volume 14 | Issue 2 | Features | 202 | Copyright © February 2015

Lark G. Guss MD, Yevgeniy Balagula MD, Stefan Doig MD, Gulsun Erdag MD, Ginette A. Okoye MD

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Department of Dermatology, Baltimore, MD



After immigrating to the United States from El Salvador, a 16 year-old Hispanic female presented for evaluation of a long-standing eruption. She developed hypopigmented patches over her trunk and arms at the age of 5 that subsequently became more extensive, dark, and pruritic. She was treated for presumed sarcoidosis with topical steroids without response. Our physical exam revealed extensive, indurated, dusky red plaques on the extremities, breasts, buttocks, lower back, and flanks with overlying scale and atrophy (Figure 1). Bulky, redundant skin in intertriginous areas was noted (Figure 2).