Part III: Nail-Patella Syndrome

January 2015 | Volume 14 | Issue 1 | Features | 85 | Copyright © January 2015

Kristen Lo Sicco MD, Mona Sadeghpour MD, Laura K. Ferris MD PhD

Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

table 1
have asymptomatic proteinuria or microscopic hematuria, less than 20% of patients progress to nephrotic syndrome and 10% develop renal failure necessitating dialysis or transplantation.4
In a murine model, the LMX1B gene is expressed in the developing structures important for aqueous drainage and production including the anterior segment, the trabecular meshwork and the ciliary body respectively. Compared to 1-2% of the general population 40 years or older, approximately 33% of NPS patients develop the most common type of glaucoma, openangle. If untreated, patients may develop asymptomatic visual field loss and ultimately blindness.5
table 2
In conclusion, NPS is a relatively rare inherited disorder that affects bones, eyes, kidneys and nails. Although it usually does not impact lifespan, NPS may have significant implications regarding quality of life.


The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.


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Kristen Lo Sicco