Pipeline Previews

September 2014 | Volume 13 | Issue 9 | Features | 1161 | Copyright © September 2014


Pipeline Previews brings to you information on the newest drugs and medical products as they become available to the dermatologic community. This department may include additional information from the manufacturers, plus reports from physicians who wish to share their clinical experience with these new products. In addition, we will inform our readers about the latest drugs receiving Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.


The unique airless pump gives patients more EpiCeram® to treat any size area of atopic dermatitis. The special dispensing system allows for more control, delivering EpiCeram® consistently and precisely in a convenient to use, portable, pump action dispenser.
EpiCeram® Controlled Release Skin Barrier Emulsion is a prescription product that helps to relieve the burning and itching associated with skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis/eczema.It is designed with a unique, patented, controlled release technology that delivers 24-hour barrier repair benefits with just a twice-daily application. This steroid-free topical formulation,is FDA-cleared for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, and is available in tubes of 90g and 225g.

The Promius Promise Physician Portal

To help physicians who would like to better be able to follow a patient’s progress while taking Promius Pharma’s generic isotretinoin, Zenatane(isotretinoin capsules USP) AB rated to Accutane, the company has created a web-based provider portal. It was designed to allow any authorized prescriber using the Promius Promise, to obtain easy, instant access to secure patient data related to their prescriptions handled by the Promius Promise.
The HIPAA secured web portal includes a list of all patients who are enrolled in the Promius Promise program (when processed through Direct Success Pharmacy), patient demographics, dates of prescriptions received and prescription shipments, information on pending prescriptions, reports showing communication with the patients and HCP office to allow the patient to receive isotretinoin within the iPledge® Do Not Dispense window, and a messaging tool allowing HCP office to send questions and receive responses within the portal itself or on their smart phone devices as preferred.

Aqua Pharmaceuticals, LLC Announces FDA Approval of ACTICLATE

Aqua Pharmaceuticals, an Almirall company, announced ACTICLATE, a tetracycline-class antibacterial indicated for the treatment of a number of infections, including adjunctive therapy in severe acne, is FDA-approved as 150 mg and 75 mg tablets.
ACTICLATE 150 mg tablets have two functional scores, providing several dosing options to physicians and patients.The ACTICLATE film-coated, round 75 mg tablets and ovalshaped, dual-scored 150 mg tablets are designed to be small and easy to swallow. Utilization of the latest manufacturing technology has allowed 150 mg of doxycycline to be formulated in a substantially reduced tablet size for ACTICLATE.
ACTICLATE should be used only to treat or prevent infections that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused by susceptible bacteria. Tablets are contraindicated in persons who have shown hypersensitivity to any of the tetracyclines.

Azelaic Acid 15% Foam a Possible Treatment for Papulopustular Rosacea

Bayer HealthCare announced positive results from a Phase III trial that evaluated a 15% foam formulation of its compound azelaic acid (AzA) for the topical treatment of inflammatory papules and pustules of rosacea. An AzA foam formulation is a potential treatment option to complement the currently available AzA gel formulation. Papulopustular rosacea is a skin disease causing inflammatory lesions (papules and pustules) as well as erythema (redness) on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.
After evaluating safety and tolerability, the overall frequency of adverse events (AEs) was 31% in the AzA 15% foam group and 25% in the vehicle group. The vast majority of AEs in both groups were mild to moderate. In the AzA 15% foam group,no severe drug-related and no serious drug-related AEs were reported. Overall, less than 2% of subjects discontinued treatment due to an AE, the frequency being slightly lower in the AzA 15% foam group. Detailed results of the trial will be presented at upcoming scientific meetings.

Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate Unveiled

NeoStrata Company, Inc., the creator of the original Glycolic Acid peel, enthusiastically unveils the next major innovation in antiaging skincare– Exuviance Super Retinol Concentrate. The unique breakthrough formula goes beyond diminishing wrinkles, specifically created to defy gravity for superior, visible lifting and firming results.
The brand's patented NeoGlucosamine® is clinically proven to work synergistically with Retinol, super-charging and intensifying the ingredient's volumizing effects versus Retinol alone to lift and firm skin. A time-released microencapsulation delivers pure Retinol, maximizing potency and benefits, while minimizing irritation potential.
The high-performance ingredients in this formulation help build natural collagen and its surrounding support matrix to lift, firm and smooth wrinkles from the inside out while also increasing cellular renewal, refining texture and diminishing the appearance of age spots.