Efficacy of a Novel Rosacea Treatment System: An Investigator-Blind, Randomized, Parallel-Group Study

October 2011 | Volume 10 | Issue 10 | Original Article | 1179 | Copyright © October 2011

James J. Leyden MD

KGL, Inc., Broomall, PA

table 6
clinical benefits, it can complicate treatment regimens to the potential detriment of patient compliance. An all-in-one approach to treatment with a structured and defined regimen is helpful in encouraging optimal compliance and, ultimately, optimal efficacy, tolerability, and satisfaction too.


The rosacea treatment system offers a convenient all-in-one approach to treating rosacea that appears to be more effective and better tolerated than metronidazole 0.75% plus the standard skin care regimen used in this study.


This study was funded by OMP, Inc. and Dr. Leyden has been an investigator and consultant for OMP, Inc.


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