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Nestlé Skin Health Is Created Targeting Global Skin Health Needs

February 11, 2014

Tuesday 11th February, 2014 - (Lausanne, Switzerland). he prevalence of tattoos among people younger than 40 years has increased steadily over the past 20 years, and based on current trends, shows no signs of abating. With it comes an increase in interest in tattoo removal. Despite improvements over the years with various lasers, complete removal is not always possible. A new picosecond quality-switched alexandrite laser offers another tool in the armamentarium for tattoo removal. Based on initial data, it may address lasers in fewer treatment sessions and better address hard-to-treat colors such as greens and blues. Over the past 20 years, attitudes about tattooing have changed in the United States. Tattoo prevalence is increasing overall, and significantly in people younger than 40 years.1 Reasons vary, but commonly cited are a desire to be unique, increased sexual attractiveness, and a feeling of rebellion. Tattooing has traditionally been more common in men, but over the past 10 years, the rate in women has “caught up” and is now near equal. Tattoo removal, however, appears to be twice as common in women as in men.2 Body piercing in locations other than ears is more common in women as well.3

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